Sunday, 12 June 2016

Level 2 External Exemplar 2.3

Develop ideas in a related series of drawings appropriate to established design practice (2.3)

The task for this extract requires students to develop a DVD menu solution for a specific client.

The student explores appropriate design approaches (1) and then generates a range of resource imagery that is relevant to the identified theme (2). They then move systematically through the concept (3) and developmental stages (4), which are accompanied by ongoing critical evaluations (5), to produce an original and successful outcome (8).
The initial outcomes (6) present sufficient clarification of their ideas at a level appropriate for Merit. The subsequent pictorial advancement (7) shows sufficient extension of stylistic and layout ideas to meet the requirement at Excellence to extend these ideas.
Each image presents a new idea (4) (6) (7) that builds upon consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the preceding work. The final design (8) clearly reflects the approaches of the identified models, without being derivative. This implicit application of established practice within a body of original student work is required for authentic clarification (Merit) and extension (Excellence) outcomes.  
For a more secure Excellence, the student could further refine the hand drawn elements in the final sequence (9). For example, by adjusting the levels these elements could become pure silhouette forms. Alternatively the forms could be entirely rebuilt digitally using pure geometry and true curves. This would enhance the stylistic unity of the final outcome (8).

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