Sunday, 29 May 2016

Design checklist - are you on target?

Check list Design Level 2  and 3 term 2
To be done:
Brief typed up and (blu-tacked) onto folio boards
Top left hand corner – 15cm x 15cm or so

Inspiration printed and placed (blu-tacked) on folio board
15cm x 44cm of pictures you have gathered from the internet, photographed yourself or hand drawn.

New area measured up to contain logo concept drawing and developments.
30cm x 60cm – lay logos out evenly and neatly. Start with concepts then place developments on, then make your final larger. Put titles of logo concepts, developments, and final on as headings of each area.

Meeting with teacher to look at modifications for developments and settling on final logo by Friday 3rd June.
Bring all your work laid out on folio. Here you will receive ideas to move forward with final logo.
Email teacher this week to make appointment for critique or

Starting on next piece of work eg. Poster, flyer, DPS, website, billboard etc.
More info to come to the design blog to help with this:
Back to drawing and research. Based on your brief you will be given an artist model to research. You will need to complete workbook pages of thumbnail sketches of drawings of your design. At this point you may bring back some traditional art making methods to create back ground textures and hand drawn design. You may be cutting and pasting colours or textures from magazines. Alternatively you can utilise illustrator or photoshop to layer and recreate some imagery from your inspiration.
3 A3 pages of research and drawings… thumbnails, annotations, showing design layout ideas, texture ideas, font ideas.
Week 10
Level 2: Board 1 due  
Level 3: Board 1 plus half of board 2
Planning for other designs becoming clearer and more developed.

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