Monday, 7 March 2016

Size of your Inspiration and Brief to be created in Illustrator

Hi designers, it is really important that you work to the set sizes unless you are doing a whole lot  of drawing like Ofa. In which case I will give you some instructions on what to do.

(Ben Paul and Jacob - you may have already started with your photos - where I wanted you to do 8 pictures and 10 x 8 cm if you have finished that then do not worry about this sizing.)

For everyone else -  In Illustrator you will need to create 

Your Brief size when typed up will need to be 14cm x 14 cm.

Your inspiration will need to be 14cm tall x 43cm long.

With these measurements you will have half a cm around your brief and inspiration.

Remember that these things need to be neat and tidy.

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