Monday, 7 March 2016

Size of your Inspiration and Brief to be created in Illustrator

Hi designers, it is really important that you work to the set sizes unless you are doing a whole lot  of drawing like Ofa. In which case I will give you some instructions on what to do.

(Ben Paul and Jacob - you may have already started with your photos - where I wanted you to do 8 pictures and 10 x 8 cm if you have finished that then do not worry about this sizing.)

For everyone else -  In Illustrator you will need to create 

Your Brief size when typed up will need to be 14cm x 14 cm.

Your inspiration will need to be 14cm tall x 43cm long.

With these measurements you will have half a cm around your brief and inspiration.

Remember that these things need to be neat and tidy.

Year 12 and 13 designers - Inspiration due: Friday 18th March

By now you need to have done the following:

1. Typed up your brief on your blog

2. Researched some imagery that suits your brief and put 5-6 images on your blog

3. Come up with a name for your Design Scenario e.g. Nef, YG, Fantasy Tours, Fruity Planet, etc.

4. Year 13s that already have some images for their inspiration are: Shavaugn, Benji, Paul, Thomas. These have been taken by themselves or taken from the internet. These need to be formatted in Illustrator or Photoshop ready for going onto folio. Here are some examples of inspirations for you to look at - yours will not be up to this level yet - but you will be getting there!

5. Year 12s have been working on 'font' ideas and making pencil drawings of font. Except Ofa who has done some amazing drawings of characters that he will use for his Polyfest Brief.

6. Everyone needs to continue on with finalizing their inspiration and coming up with some pencil drawings of the font they like.

Inspiration due: Friday 18th March